Rates & Fees

KanREN sets rates & fees for each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). The rates & fees in effect when an agreement is signed will be valued for the duration of the agreement. For example, if a member signs a 3-year agreement for service from July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023 on May 13 of 2020, the rates & fees for Fiscal Year 2020 will be used, and valid for the 3-year term.

A partial list of rates & fees are included below, but are by no means exhaustive. Contact KanREN at info@kanren.net or 785-856-9800 for a quote for specific services.


Institutions that wish to obtain connectivity services, and/or participate in governance and consortium activities must be members of KanREN.

Membership Fee

All Members$504/year

Network Connectivity Services

Gigabit connectivity starting at $1,203/mo, including all KanREN distinctives, such as large blocks of IPv4 and IPv6 address space, QoS, DDoS protection and our outstanding member support. KanREN network connections are “full-rate”; we do not provide “up-to” speeds. All connectivity services are dedicated bandwidth and symmetric. More information available upon request.

Network Protection Services

Comprehensive unified threat management services start at $386/mo for up 1.5Gbps throughput. Includes Stateful Firewall, IDS/IPS, VPN (on-demand and site-to-site), Content filtering and more. Other services include blackhole DNS and remote vulnerability scanning. Contact KanREN for more information.

Cloud Networking Services

Cloud networking allows KanREN members to maintain all of their locations in a single administrative domain, but eliminate backhaul costs over expensive access circuits to a “main location” by creating a virtual upstream connection in the KanREN Cloud. Cloud networking is highly customized to individual needs, with pricing developed on an individual case basis.

NET+ Services

The Storm Cellar

KanREN’s near-real-time cloud based storage solution is available in 200GB increments and can be accessed with NFS, SMB/CIFS, AFP or iSCSI. The StormCellar is hosted on the KanREN private network.

StormCellar – File-Based$0.10/GB/mo
StormCellar – Block-Based$0.10/GB/mo

Virtual Machines

KanREN virtual machines are hosted on KanREN’s VMware clusters in Kansas City and Wichita. All KanREN VMs are custom built, with some standard resource options show below. Our VMs can be built with custom OSes or images, and since they’re hosted on our network, can all be configured with network integration not possible with remote cloud providers.

Small (1VCPU, 1GB, VRAM, 40GB storage):$350 one-time$25/mo
Medium (1VCPU, 2GB VRAM, 80GB storage):$500 one-time$45/mo
Large (2VCPU, 4GB VRAM, 160GB storage):$800 one-time$90/mo
Additional Storage (per 40GB):$8.50/mo

Zoom Videoconferencing

KanREN manages state-wide licensing for Zoom videoconferencing, and supplies direct support for Zoom services. Services are hosted in the Zoom cloud, but have enhanced quality and reliability with KanREN network connectivity.

Per our agreement with Zoom, we cannot publish our prices outside of the membership. Please contact KanREN directly for pricing information.

Professional Services

ServiceMember RateNon-Member Rate
Engineering/Design Consulting$100/hr$200/hr
Connectivity/Performance Troubleshooting (Business hours)$75/hr$125/hr
Connectivity/Performance Troubleshooting (After hours)$125/hr$200/hr

For additional information on any of the service offerings, or to discuss which service best fits your organization please contact KanREN at info@kanren.net or by phone at 785-856-9800.