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We are a national leader in public service connectivity — a member-based consortium providing Internet, professional services and network technologies to research, education, and public service institutions in Kansas.

Membership Overview

Custom world-class services and support

KANREN offers customized, world-class Internet services, innovations, and support for the KANREN member community via a state wide data network. KANREN members build professional relationships, extend their professional knowledge base and get informed about policy, programs, new applications and technology trends.

Member-driven service model

Created for members, by members

Services are only available to KANREN members and tailored to suit their individual needs. Members possess the resources necessary to move forward in a larger scale with greater ambition. Working together, KANREN members leverage infrastructure and partnerships, reducing costs and improving services. Members pay exactly what services cost without middlemen or markups.

The Future

What’s next for Kansas

Although Kansas was the first state to reach R&E status, it now lags behind as one of the 10% nationally without dedicated fiber statewide. Reliable, efficient, resilient, and uninterrupted dedicated fiber interconnecting Kansas is the next major step for Kansas success led by KANREN.

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