Connecting Beyond the Connection

  • A forward thinking, high-capacity
    research and education infrastructure
    for Kansas.

  • More than a network.
    Members gain expertise and support.

  • Customized, world-class Internet services,
    innovations, and support for research, education,
    and public service institutions in Kansas.

  • A trusted resource and highly valued partner
    to members as they connect to the Internet
    and each other.

  • KanREN and its members leverage
    infrastructure and partnerships,
    reducing costs and improving services.

  • A focus on stable, scalable,
    production ready services
    and features at the lowest costs.

  • 23+ years of service
    in the state of Kansas.

  • A not-for-profit organization.
    KanREN members pay exactly what services cost
    without mark-up.

  • Reduced build costs and amortized services & equipment.
    Members acquire what is needed today,
    but spread the expense over time.

  • Recognized national leader in facilitating
    connectivity and content to serve state
    education and economic development interests.

Learn About KanREN Memberships

Who is KanREN?

KanREN is the only member-based consortium providing Internet and network technologies to research, education, and public service institutions in Kansas.

About KanREN Memberships


Services are only available to KanREN members and tailored to suit their individual needs. Members possess the resources necessary to move forward in a larger scale with greater ambition.

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Working together, KanREN members leverage infrastructure and partnerships, reducing costs and improving services. Members pay exactly what services cost without middlemen or markups.

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About Us

KanREN is the organization through which community anchor institutions connect, collaborate, and share resources to realize the full potential of a robust statewide network.

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Anchor Institutions

KanREN's core membership is anchored by the top education and research institutions in the state of Kansas. Because of their ongoing support and participation, KanREN continues to flourish while providing the best available services and support to all of its members.

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  • Kansas State University
  • Wichita State University
  • Emporia State University
  • Fort Hays Sate University
  • University of Kansas
  • Pittsburg Sate University
  • University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Johnson County Community College
  • Washburn University
  • Kansas Board of Regents

KanREN Services

KanREN offers customized, world-class Internet services, innovations, and support for the KanREN member community via a state wide data network.

About our Services

  • Quality

    The KanREN backbone is a point-to-point, upgradable, ethernet-based network with a 100Gbps scalable capacity designed to be flexible and accommodate future technologies and requirements.

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  • Innovation

    So much more than a link to the Internet, the KanREN Backbone enables access to the latest revolutions in communication and research through a stable and maintained environment.

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  • Support

    KanREN doesn't replace your IT department. It is a supplement, providing service, collaboration, and a connection to members exemplifying excellence in research and education networking.

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  • Latest News

    Mission Accomplished

    The Prairie Line Express (a.k.a. PLE) has been a resounding success for KanREN. What began as an initiative to offer affordable, high speed, gigabit fiber connections to every Kansas K12 school became a seismic event across the industry. The result has been greater connectivity at more competitive pricing to communities that have been ignored and/or underserved in the past. PLE showcased the benefits of KanREN’s forethought and planning to keep Kansas on the competitive edge of Internet connectivity.

    The overwhelmingly positive response to PLE has resulted in KanREN adopting the pricing structure for the consortium as a whole. Meaning, PLE’s easy to comprehend and budget membership structure is now identical to KanREN’s.

    Please continue to the KanREN website and learn more about the benefits of membership and we hope to hear from you soon to discuss how we may be of service.

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