Funding Year 2015 Form 471 Filing Window is Now Open

The filing window for FCC Form 471s for Funding Year 2015 (7/1/15 – 6/30/16) is now open.  The Form 471 filing window runs from 1/14/15-3/26/15.  USAC has issued a series of recommendations and reminders for individuals preparing to file for funding.

  • The last possible day to post a Form 470, fulfill the 28-day posting rule, and submit a Form 471 before the filing window closes is 2/26/15.
  • The Form 471 window closes at 11:59:59 EDT on 3/26/15.  Forms filed after this deadline will be considered outside of the filing window, and could result in a loss of E-rate funds.
  • Review the E-rate Modernization Order section of the USAC website.  This section contains the pertinent information regarding the changes that have been made to the E-rate program for Funding Year 2015 (7/1/15-6/30/16).  USAC specifically recommends reviewing the “Relevant News Briefs” section for information that may be helpful regarding the program changes.
  • Review the eligible services list.  The eligibility of some products and services has changed from past years, and it is important that both applicants and service providers are familiar with the changes.  It is also important to note that voice services will be filed on separate funding requests on the FCC Form 471.  These services are subject to reduced funding this year as part of the gradual phase out of funding for voice services as outlined in the E-rate Modernization Order.
  • File as early as possible.  Allow plenty of time for completion and review of the information provided on both the Form 470 and 471.  Information regarding costs and types of products and/or services requested is required for successful Form 471 filing.  It is also important to note that the Item 21 Attachment can no longer be filed separately or at a later date.  The Item 21 Attachment has been integrated into the greater Form 471, and both pieces must be completed for successful filing.
  • Make sure it has been at least 28 days since your Form 470 has been posted to the USAC website before signing a contract, or submitting your Form 471.  If you have released a separate RFP for service after you released your Form 470, you must wait at least 28 days after the RFP was posted before you can file your Form 471.
  • All Funding Year 2015 Forms 470 and 471s are to be filed online.  Directions can be found on the USAC website.  These forms, however, can still be certified on paper.
  • Use a compatible web browser.  USAC states that Internet Explorer versions 9 or 10, and the most recent versions of Firefox and Chrome are compatible for Windows users.  Mac users should use the most current version of Safari.
  • Remember Category One and Two services require separate applications.
  • In order to complete your Form 471 filing you will need the following identification numbers:
    • Billed Entity Number (BEN).  The number is applied to the entity that is filing the form.  All applicants that have previously filed for E-rate funding should have a BEN already.  If you cannot find or have forgotten you BEN contact the Client Service Bureau at 1-888-203-8100 to rectify the issue.
    • FCC Registration Number (FCC RN).  Organizations doing business with the FCC are required to have a FCC RN.  All applicants requesting E-rate funding are therefore required to have a FCC RN.  If you do not have or have forgotten your FCC RN you can obtain one through the FCC’s CORES website.
    • Consultant Registration Number (CRN).  If you are working with a consultant (a non-employee of the applicant entity) when applying for funding, and that work requires a fee, you must provide that consultant’s CRN on both the Form 470 and 471.  CRNs can be obtained from the consultant directly or by contacting the Client Services Bureau at 1-888-203-8100.
    • Entity Numbers.  Each service recipient, including non-instructional facilities, must have an entity number.  This number is used in the Discount Calculation section of the Form 471.  If you do not know or cannot find an entity number these numbers can be obtained by contacting the Client Services Bureau at 1-888-203-8100.
    • Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN).  All service providers listed on your Form 471 are required to have a SPIN to participate in the E-rate program.  KanREN’s SPIN is 143005645.  This information can be found year round on our website.

KanREN staff is ready and available to help our members get their Form 471s filed for the next funding year.  If you have any questions regarding the costs for your next years’ service please contact us at or by phone at 785-856-9800.  It is our goal to help you maximize any and all potential funding due to your organization.