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The KANREN story

Chartering The future

Why KANREN was formed and how it’s unique vision and mission brought the Internet to Kansas.

Connecting our city

How KANREN works with communities across Kansas to maximize local infrastructure investments.

Empowering our community

KANREN continues to innovate a purpose built infrastructure to serve the unique needs of research, education and community anchors.


More than just the Internet

KANREN is an experienced, forward-thinking, member based consortium offering custom, world-class network services, innovations and support for researchers, educators, and public service institutions in the state of Kansas who require a direct, dedicated, high-capacity infrastructure when performance is imperative to success.

KANREN serves the StateNet role in the 3-tiered model for education and research entities. The 3-tiered model has been proven a cost effective, efficient and scalable solution for meeting the unique connectivity needs of education and research.

At a glance

Registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization

Our dividends are happy members


No on-going state or federal funds

Governed by members

Board of Directors elected from and by the membership

Facilitate group purchases

Increases vendor discounts

Founded in 1992

Before “the internet” as we know it existed

Tech leader

Consistently leading the nation in technology and capabilities

Lawrence, KS small business

Member funds stay in Kansas

Mission & Vision

30 years of service in the state of Kansas


KANREN provides network and related services tailored to meet the needs of research, education and other community anchor institutions in Kansas. KANREN empowers members to collaborate and advance their own missions through KANREN’s consortium-based organization and technical capabilities.


KANREN will be the organization through which community anchor institutions connect, collaborate, and share resources to realize the full potential of a robust statewide network. KANREN will be a trusted partner; providing services and advocacy that meet member, community and statewide needs.


Together, as a consortium, KANREN and its members leverage infrastructure and partnerships, reducing costs and improving services.

Our History

Connecting beyond the connection

KANREN is the Research and Education Network (R&E) in Kansas. Established in 1992, KANREN is a 501(c)(3) created by the public universities of Kansas. Created as a pioneer in R&E networks nationwide, KANREN shares resources, builds local, state and regional collaboration.

KANREN provides a single entity that works on behalf of all members, eliminating the duplicative skill sets, staffing, contracts, and individual services required to meet the needs of our members.

KANREN’s core mission of high-performance networking has gained national recognition as a technology leader among R&Es and our staff are frequently asked to serve on committees and working groups on a national level.

Since 1992, KANREN has provided unique opportunities to connect beyond physical network connectivity. Going beyond professional collaboration — KANREN members constitute some of the most forward-thinking, technically minded experts among education and community anchor institutions. Going beyond professional collaboration — the relationships enabled through our membership extend this deep pool of expertise, empower our members to accomplish things that are too challenging individually, and encourage a broader base for innovative thinking on projects that extend beyond individual experience or comfort level. Connecting with similarly situated institutions, drawing on experience of passionate professionals, and benefiting from the collective expertise from innovative, highly-respected and forward-thinking peers provides unique access for our members.