KANREN participates in a global consortium of thousands of institutions offering quick and easy access to local Wi-Fi networks. eduroam (education roaming) is a network access system developed for the international research and education community and currently available in over 100 countries.

Anyone from a participating organization can easily access the Internet via eduroam at U.S. locations and international locations, including KANREN’s local network at the Bioscience and Technology Business Center in Lawrence, KS.

The security of eduroam significantly exceeds most public hotspots (i.e., coffee shops, etc.). However, be aware that anytime you are using the Internet at an eduroam access point, the security measures can be different depending on the hosting organization. Eduroam is an important, powerful system that helps ensure Internet access for academic purposes and can even help bridge the digital divide. Eduroam participating organizations are a combination of Identity Provider (IDP) and/or a Service Provider (SP). IDPs, such as schools and libraries provide the authentication credentials, whereas virtually any organization can become an SP, providing more secured and traceable online access.

KANREN highly encourages educational institutions to become eduroam IDPs, and other anchor institutions to become SPs in order to improve general access for both travelers, and those with connectivity challenges. KANREN is committed to helping any KS educational organization who would like to join eduroam, and any organization who would like to become a service provider.

Visit the official eduroam website for more information.