The following will guide you through the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Click each question to view the answer. If you can’t find the right answer or you don’t see your question listed, please e-mail us at support@kanren.net.


What type of business is KanREN?

KanREN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable corporation that operates as a consortium of its member institutions.

How is KanREN different from any other ISP

KanREN is a consortium of member institutions. We are a group of Education and Community Anchor Institutions who work collaboratively to function as our own ISP. KanREN also has a great deal of connectivity to specific research and education resources not available through commercial ISPs.

A local provider told me KanREN re-sells the same service they want to sell me. Is that true?

No. KanREN does purchase specific services from the Kansas telecommunications industry as “building blocks” for our network, but we do not simply re-sell existing Internet services. KanREN’s service offerings are very unique, and tailored to our members’ needs.

Is KanREN part of the state government or board of regents?

KanREN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable corporation that operates as a consortium of its member institutions. We are not part of the state government or Kanas Board of Regents. We are often mistaken as part of the former Kan-ed project — in fact, KanREN pre-dated Kan-ed by over 10 years.

Who can become a KanREN member?

Accredited educational instituions and libraries are automatically accepted for membership. Other community anchor institions (healthcare, municipal government, non-profit organizaitons, etc.) may be granted membership by the KanREN board of directors. Research partners of member instutions may also be allowed to join.

Who are your members?

KanREN’s members include all Kansas Board of Regents institutions, many Kansas community and private colleges, public school districts, education service centers, and other education and community anchor institutions. View our all full list of members.

Who make up the KanREN Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is comprised of leaders from KanREN member institutions. All user communities are represented in the composition of the Board, which is modified over time to stay consistent with membership.

Where are you located?

KanREN is located in the Bioscience and Technology Business Center (BTBC) building at 2029 Becker Drive, Suite 282, Lawrence, KS 66047. We welcome visits from our members! KanREN’s office space is in a secured facility and advance arrangements help us plan for your visit. Please call (785) 856-9820 upon arrival and a KanREN staff member will escort you to our suite.

How do I reach you?

Technical support: (785) 856-9820 or support@kanren.net; General inquiries, business issues and service changes/requests: (785) 856-9800 or info@kanren.net. Fax number: (785) 856-9877. Primary mailing address: P.O. Box 442167, Lawrence, KS 66044. Large item shipping address: KanREN, Suite 282, 2029 Becker Drive, Lawrence, KS 66047

When does my service agreement with KanREN end?

Membership is typically an annual commitment, though some members may select multi-year commitments based on multi-year connectivity commitments.

What is KanREN’s tax id number?


Who do I contact for an up to date copy of KanREN’s W-9 form?

Please email us at info@kanren.net or call (785) 856-9800.

How much does it cost to connect to the KanREN Network?

The access circuit typically required for connecting to KanREN is priced on a case-by-case basis. Standard KanREN rates and fees are established each January for our next fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).

Does KanREN provide educational opportunities?

Yes. KanREN is devoted to providing its members with educational opportunities in a variety of areas by holding periodic workshops and seminars on current technology. Most workshops are held on an as-requested basis, and may be open to all members, or to specific groups. Past sessions have included:

  • IPv6 Adoption
  • IPv4 Multicast Routing
  • Performance Measurement Infrastructure
  • Advanced BGP/AS Boundary Routing
  • Security
  • DDoS
  • VMware/Virtualization
  • SDN/OpenFlow

If you would like to be added to our mailing list for information on education opportunities, please send a request including your contact information to info@kanren.net.


Why does KanREN charge fees?

KanREN does not receive any funding from the state or federal governments. We are 100% supported by our member instituitons, who pay us to provide services for them.

I saw KanREN’s rates and fees. Is there any room to negotiate those prices?

No. KanREN’s rates and fees are set by a vote of our entire memership, annually. Our members determine the balance between cost and service, setting rates appropriately.

Should I expect additional fees on top of the quoted rates? Will I be billed exactly what you quote?

No. KanREN includes all fees in the costs provided on a quotation. Some services KanREN purchases solely for the use of a single member include FUSF fees that we have to recover. FUSF can vary slightly, usually less than 1% (for applicable services). This may cause bills to very slightly.

What forms of payment does KanREN accept?

Currently, KanREN accepts payment for services via check. To request an alternative method of payment please contact the KanREN business office at 785-856-9800 to discuss possible options.

What is the billing contract period for KanREN services?

KanREN services run on a fiscal year cycle running from July 1 through June 30.

What are my billing options?

KanREN provides annual, quarterly, and monthly billing options. Our default billing method is quarterly. Upgrades and disconnects are invoiced or refunded during the billing period following the upgrade or disconnect.  Other billing arrangements can be made to accommodate member institution’s needs.

Where do I mail payment for KanREN services?

All payments can be mailed to:  KanREN, Inc., P.O. Box 442167, Lawrence, Kansas 66044.

Can KanREN bill multiple departments at our institution?

KanREN will only send one invoice per billing period per member. Invoices are subtotaled by service location. The KanREN membership fee is typically included with institution’s primary service location. If special billing arrangements are needed, please reach out to the KanREN business staff to see if a solution is available.


Where can I find information on services provided by KanREN?

You can find detailed information on KanREN’s services by visiting our and Services pages. KanREN also provides services based on member need, and can sometimes provide complete custom solutions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please call us at (785)856-9800 or send e-mail to info@kanren.net.

Can a member institution connect multiple locations?

Yes, KanREN can provide solutions for members with multiple campus locations. We provide multi-location solutions for a number of our members either as multiple, standard connections, or as a virtual private network between campus locations with one “border” to the outside world.

Can you provide a network testing port to bypass my LAN?

KanREN site routers are configured with an out-of-band test port. The port is on the far right of the device; typically “ge-0/0/15” on Juniper SRX240 devices. The test port is DHCP enabled and allows for testing outside LAN devices without interrupting services to the LAN. This can be helpful if poor performance problems are rooted in a malfunctioning firewall, content filter, packet shaper, or other LAN device.

Where can I see KanREN’s general network health?

General network health is best illustrated by our network Weathermap, updated automatically every 15 seconds. For more network performance information, see the Network Tools section of our connectivity page. 

Where can I see KanREN’s usage to its upstream Internet peers?

KanREN provides several visualization tools for network usage, all of which are available to our members. Upstream Internet peers are available in all of our traffic graphing tools, which can be found in the Network Tools section on our connectivity page.


SpeedTest.net says I’m not getting the speed I pay for, what gives?

There can be several reasons SpeedTest.net tests return low results.

  • The speedtest.net browser test application lists throughput in Layer3 values; however, circuits KanREN procures also must carry Layer 1 and Layer 2 portions of the path. This additional overhead can result in tests showing 5-7% lower then actual circuit speed.
  • If the SpeedTest.net server’s traffic flows through congested peering points results can be erratic. Pay close attention to which server is selected when running the test and which remote network hosts the server. These details can help the KanREN NOC troubleshoot any congestion issues. It’s also often helpful to test with multiple SpeedTest.net servers to try and replicate poor performance issues.
  • KanREN also suggests verifying performance using the DSLreports.com test.
  • LAN traffic will contend equally with the SpeedTest.net traffic. If the LAN Is currently generating 50Mbps of traffic. Normal use must be accounted when interpreting test results.

How does your e-mail spam filtering service work?

Our spam filtering service is based on the CanIT-Domain-Pro product. We have physically and logically diverse CanIT servers on multi-server clusters for resilience.

More info: https://www.roaringpenguin.com/

How long will it take for DNS changes to take effect?

Generally speaking it could take up to 24 hours for changes to be visible across the Internet.  If you contact us in advance of a planned change, we may be able to make adjustments to force old values expire more quickly.

Can you add a PTR (reverse DNS) record for me?

For IP Addresses that we have assigned to members (164.113.*.*, 198.248.*.*, 69.77.0-127.*, and 2001:49d0:*) we can add PTR records. Email: support@kanren.net or call 785-856-9820

A local provider told me KanREN merely re-sells what they’re offering me. Is that true?

No. KanREN does purchase specific services from the Kansas telecommuncations indstury as “building blocks” for our network, but we do not simply re-sell existing Internet services. KanREN’s service offerings are very unique, and tailored to our members’ needs.

I see consulting services on your rate sheet, how do I purchase consulting services?

Time and workload permitting, KanREN is available to provide engineering and/or consulting services to membership. These services have varied widely, from selection of videoconferencing hardware to federating autonomous systems. Contact KanREN at info@kanren.net or by calling 785-856-9800 to discuss your organizations specific needs.

What is Cloud-based Networking?

It seems like everything is going to the “cloud” doesn’t it? KanREN’s version of cloud-based networking allows members to push certain elements of their networks into our cloud, which can improve outside availability, reduce network bandwidth and require fewer devices.

As just one example, if we take a member with 1 main location and 3 remote locations. Typically, in a situation like this, our member has to either backhaul all of their traffic back to the main location, often just making a u-turn and going right back out again; or they have to duplicate border infrastructure at each location. Moving their border into the KanREN cloud allows the best of both solutions, and none of the negatives.

How do I have you add a DNS record for my domain that is hosted by KanREN?

Email: support@kanren.net or call 785-856-9820

Does KanREN provide graphs of my institution’s network use?

Yes, KanREN provides graphs for all member institutions’ connections, as well as graphs of our backbone and upstream connections. Please see the Network Tools section of our connectivity page for more information.

Can you host my public DNS?

KanREN hosts public-facing DNS for connected members free of charge. We can also slave your public DNS zones as well.

Does KanREN provide NTP Servers?

KanREN provides NTP servers for on-network (connected) members (Please use the DNS names as the IPs may change):
IPv4 and IPv6: ntp.kanren.net, ntp2.kanren.net

Does KanREN provide DNS Resolvers for members?

KanREN provides DNS resolvers for on-network (connected) members:
IPv6: 2001:49d0:2005:f000::5, 2001:49d0:2005:f000::5

Does KanREN have a streaming service?

At this time KanREN does not offer a fully supported, general streaming service. Zoom videoconferencing may be used for one-way Web-based “broadcasting”.

Video Conferencing

What Video Conference Services are avialable?

KanREN has partnered with Zoom to provide statewide consortium pricing for their services, through KanREN. This service is also enhanced with superior quality and reliability when used over a KanREN network connection, though connectivity to KanREN is not required for using the service. Read more about our video conference services here.

Do I need a dedicated connection for video conferencing?

You do not, but KanREN strongly recommends a connection to our network for maximum quality and reliability — particularly if the service is relied upon for critical needs.

Does KanREN offer video room system support?

Time and workload permitting, we will help if we can, but we do not offer dedicated third-party support for room systems. We often do not have enough knowledge or experience with the myriad of components used to build room systems to help effectively. KanREN recommends working with room integrators for specialized hardware support.

Are KanREN’s Zoom videoconferencing services available for free to members?

No. Video subscriptions are a Net+ add on service for KanREN members. There is a subscription fee for Zoom. KanREN membership is required to subscribe to the service.

Why should my school use Zoom through KanREN when we already use the Kansas Board of Regents/Kan-ed videoconferencing system?

The Renovo scheduler and H.323 MCU provided by KSBoR/Kan-ed will be discontinued on June 30, 2016. KanREN has adopted Zoom as a more flexible, cost-effective “next generation” technology that can be used along side of, and as a replacement for KSBoR’s service.

KanREN already bills us for Renovo and MCU services so why pay extra for Zoom?

KanREN operates the Renovo Scheduler and MCU Infrastructure under contract with the Kansas Board of Regents/Kan-ed. Service fees are charged by the KS Board of Regents, not KanREN. KanREN’s videoconferencing service through Zoom that is interoperable with, but completely separate from the Board of Regents system.

Is the Zoom videoconferencing service different for connected members vs. non-connected members?

No the service and features are the same. Non-connected members do have a higher subscription cost to support the additional complications in troubleshooting problems for non-connected members.

Do I need to have a KanREN connection to use the KanREN Zoom Service?

You do not have to be a KanREN connected member to subscribe to the service. Zoom technology is built to work over “Internet grade” IP networks; however, quality, reliability and predictability are significantly higher when used over the KanREN network.

How can I use Single Sign On with Zoom?

KanREN can work with you to enable this. For more information on Zoom and SSO please see: https://support.zoom.us/


Is KanREN Secure?

KanREN operates a statewide, private network for its members. Traffic passing between KanREN members and selected in-state peers does not traverse the public Internet, which improves performance, reliability and security. This provides an additional layer of security for our members, but is not a replacement for end-to-end encryption of sensitive data.

For those with demanding security needs, KanREN can also provide layer 2, layer 3 and site-to-site VPN services for members, often at no additional charge.

Can you tell me where my data is stored when I use the StormCellar Cloud Storage service?

All data stored in KanREN’s StormCellar service is located within the state of Kansas, colocated at one of our primary anchor institutions and directly connected to our backbone network.

Can KanREN ensure the privacy of my data stored in the StomrCellar?

KanREN does all that it can to ensure the privacy and integrity of your data, but should not be viewed as a replacement for member strategies for privacy. We recommend members use strong encryption on any sensitive data before uploading it to the StormCellar.


Is KanREN on State Contract?

Yes. KanREN Data Communications Contract # 06807 is an approved state contract.  The Department of Administration, Board of Regents, Regents institutions, State School for the Deaf, State School for the Blind and ‘political subdivisions’, including public K-12 School Districts in Kansas are eligible to purchase off this contract.  School Districts can reference this state contract to purchase E-rate Eligible services, such as Internet access, through KanREN.  

http://da.ks.gov/purch/Contracts/     Search by Contract Number 06807

Who do I contact at KanREN with E-rate questions?

E-rate contact should be made just as any other membership or general inquiry by calling (785) 856-9800 or e-mail to info@kanren.net.

How does KanREN bill for E-rate approved discounts?

KanREN, by default, uses the SPI billing method unless the BEAR billing method is requested. Additional information on E-rate billing methods can be found here.

How does KanREN work with the e-Rate program?

In the context of the e-Rate program, KanREN is an Internet Service Provider, our SPIN number is 143005645. KanREN is happy to respond to all RFPs from members or those eligible for membership.


How do I contact KanREN when things to wrong?

Office Location:
KanREN, Inc.
2029 Becker Dr., Suite 282
Lawrence, KS 66047

Mailing Address:
KanREN, Inc.
PO Box 442167
Lawrence, KS 66044

General/Member Contact:
(785) 856-9800

(785) 856-9877



Printable Wallet Card

I need to make a change to my institution’s KanREN services. What do I do next?

Please contact us at info@kanren.net or (785) 856-9800 and we will route your request to the appropriate KanREN team member.

How do I make changes to our contact information?

Please email changes to info@kanren.net.