Nov 15: Cybersecurity Policy Management Workshop for IT Leaders

Join us at KanREN for this a day-long leadership workshop and interactive discussion focused on Cybersecurity and IT governance led by Jason Brown, Chief Information Security Officer with our Michigan counterpart, Merit Network.   Leveraging the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and its 5 functional areas, leaders will discover how all members of an organization play key roles in the development of Cybersecurity policies, standards, and procedures.

Participants of this workshop will also learn:
● How an organization can implement security frameworks to their business and IT workflows
● Evaluate and control organizational risk
● Discuss differences between policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines
● Review of policy structure and templates
● Policy development exercise
● Required policies for regulatory and compliance requiremen

Date:  November 15, 2017  9AM TO 4PM (Lunch provided)
Location:  KanREN, 2029 Becker Drive, Chamber Room (1st Floor!), Lawrence, KS  66047
Cost:  $250 for KanREN Members;  $350 for Non-members


About the presenter:

Jason Brown, CNNA & CISSO, currently serves as the Chief Information Security Officer for Merit Network, the county’s longest running regional research and education network, and home of the Michigan CyberRange, a globally recognized resource for the development of Cybersecurity professionals and advanced research in Cybersecurity.

Jason’s passion is security and education.  For the past decade he has been working his way up in the industry, starting as a network technician at Ferris State University, to recently being names as one of only two enterprise security architects for the State of Michigan.  Jason earned his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from  Central Michigan University in 2007, and his Master’s in Management Information Systems from Ferris State University in 2009. His dedication to continuing education has earned him several certifications, including his CCNA and CISSP. Jason has always aimed to become a leader in information security, and is thrilled to be in the role of Merit Network’s 1st Chief Information Security Officer.

Merit Cybersecurity staff are deeply involved in local, state and national Cybersecurity defense communities—working with a variety of entities on cooperation, collaboration and communication.  Keeping an eye on where cyberattack planes are headed and how things are changing is a natural part of the mix, which is why partnerships among the research and education community—higher education institutions, the Department of Homeland Security, NIST, NICE, and law enforcement are invaluable to their work.