KanREN Initiatives

KanREN is ‘connecting beyond the connection’ in multi-faceted ways to strengthen its membership through a number of initiatives that build alliances and create opportunities for–and among–the KanREN membership. KanREN strives to address challenges our members face, develop a deeper involvement and understanding of the issues that affect our members, and care about the things that our members care about.

Prairie Line Express:
Connecting Kansas Classrooms for Future Ready Students

KanREN’s launching Prairie Line Express–an initiative to bring gigabit fiber Internet to EVERY school in Kansas.  It’s about much more than just a connection.  It’s our effort to ensure Kansas students compete with the rest of the world as digital learning opportunities continue to expand.  Learn more & how you can get on board!

Regional Partner for the US Department of Education’s
Future Ready Initiative

image1Future Ready Schools helps district leaders plan and implement personalized, research-based digital learning strategies so all students can achieve their full potential. We believe every student deserves a rigorous, personalized learning environment filled with caring adults and student agency. District leaders must recognize the potential of digital tools and align necessary technologies with instructional goals to support teaching and learning.

Learn more about KanREN and the Future Ready Initiative

Kansas Learning First Alliance

image2The Kansas Learning First Alliance (KLFA) is coalition of organizations in Kansas representing school boards, administrators, teachers and teacher educators, parents and the Kansas State Department of Education. Founded in February 1999, Kansas is the first state to have a partnership affiliated with the national Learning First Alliance

KanREN is pleased to be an active member of the Kansas Learning First Alliance (KLFA) as of October 2015 to partner with a coalition of education organizations seeking to impact our collective, education mission. As part of KLFA, we hope to provide input, advocacy, and expertise to inform the issues, initiatives, and efforts that are of direct interest to our members.

Learn more about KLFA

Connecting Kansas Communities: Community Anchor Initiatives

KanREN helps bring stakeholders together. KanREN works with Kansas communities to bring a “community-based” approach to connectivity that builds local relationships, collaboration and capacity within a municipality or county.