KanREN featured in the Quilt Circle

What is The Quilt?

The Quilt is the national coalition of advanced regional networks for research and education, representing 31 networks across the country (including KanREN).  Participants in The Quilt provide advanced network services and applications to over 200 universities and thousands of other educational institutions.

The Quilt’s Mission Statement reads:

“Based on The Quilt Participants’ combined experiences in operations and development of leading-edge technologies, The Quilt aims to influence the national agenda on information technology infrastructure, with particular emphasis on networking for research and education.  Through this coalition, The Quilt promotes delivery of networking services at lower cost, higher performance and greater reliability and security.  The Quilt derives support and funding from diverse base, including participants, federal agencies, and partners.  It also relies on significant volunteer contributions from its participants.”

KanREN and The Quilt Circle

The Quilt Circle is a key part of The Quilt’s national communication plan and provides a snapshot of the projects that Quilt members are working on or have completed over the last year in support of their respective member institutions.

This year KanREN was one of a handful of members that The Quilt chose to feature in The Circle.  The KanREN section specifically focuses on the Openflow Smart Grid project that took place at Kansas State University over the past year, and KanREN’s adoption and implementation of Scalable Video powered by VidyoTM, and can be found starting at page 6.  The entire document can be viewed below.