KanREN Updates Membership and Service Documents

KanREN is rolling out a series of refreshed, standardized business documents for the coming fiscal year. Some of the names stay the same, but all of the documents have changed. Please note there is a significant change to the Services Memorandum.

Services Memorandums will continue to serve as a review of your active service locations and their corresponding products and services. The Services Memorandum is no longer a BINDING document! A new document called a “Services Addendum” will be issued as a binding agreement that supplements the Membership Agreement. The change is that a separate Services Addendum will be issued for each service location and product family.

The Services Memorandum is still an important document as it serves as a comprehensive report of all KanREN products and services — regardless of type or location.

Key Points to Remember about Services Memorandums:

  1. Services Memorandums are NO LONGER BINDING agreements.
  2. Services Memorandums will serve as an informative report of service locations with corresponding connection details. They can assist with the Member budgeting as they identify all services KanREN is providing, and are often helpful to answer the question “what are we getting from KanREN?”
  3. Service Addenda (another new document type) will serve as a binding agreement on a per-location basis.

This refresh/procedure change was developed with the guidance and direction of our Board of Directors Finance Committee to improve quality and readability of our business documents. As we move forward with the transition, there will be several documents to review and sign; we appreciate your patience as we migrate to the new system. Feel free to ask questions as they arise and we’ll do our best to inform you about the key points of change along the way.

KanREN thanks you for being able to provide 25 years of excellent reliable service! We look forward to this exciting new fiscal year and another 25 years of Connecting Beyond the Connection.