Membership Overview

Custom world-class services and support

KANREN is a perfect example of a successful public-private partnership as we leverage relationships with service providers to build fiber optic infrastructure for our members. KANREN purchases raw connectivity building blocks, converting those inputs into innovative network services.

KANREN’s status as a private business allows us to move quickly in conjunction with telecom industry partners. Our member ecosystem allows for open discussion and keeps the organization moving forward with solid financial and technical plans for emerging technologies.

Expertise & Support

A forward-thinking, high-capacity research and education infrastructure in Kansas

Cost Saving Expertise

Wide Area Networking (WAN) requires a very specific skillset that does not typically coincide with enterprise LAN skillsets. KANREN staff are dedicated WAN experts; we know the technologies, terms, requirements, and troubleshooting methodologies associated with operating feature rich Wide Area Networks.

KANREN’s members depend on our expertise 24x7x365 to reduce their FTE, equipment, and support expenses; saving our members hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. From helping members with advanced routing architectures to proactive monitoring of network components, all of our 185,000+ users enjoy the same world-class support services.

Building Infrastructure

KANREN leverages relationships with providers to build fiber optic infrastructure that serves our members. Typically building fiber optic infrastructure is an expensive, time consuming process. KANREN helps reduce infrastructure build costs for its members by centrally managing buildout projects and amortizing costs over time. This gives KANREN members the ability to acquire the services needed today, but spread the initial expenses over time while enjoying KANREN’s extremely low overhead.

Member-Focused Structure

KANREN operates on a self-sustaning cost recovery model. Our initial funding, provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF), was quickly transitioned to the current, long-term, stable methodology. Members pay exactly what it costs to deliver services.

KANREN is governed by our members. Working Groups provide an opportunity for member interaction and the introduction of new ideas into our ecosystem. The Board of Directors evaluates and refines working group recommendations and sets long-term organizational direction, vision, values, and mission. Most importantly, all members have opportunity to vote on major resolutions; including rate and fee structure changes. Because all decisions are fully vetted and debated among members, KANREN’s services never lose their fiscal responsibility and member focus.

Ready to Join?

Become a member

Membership in KANREN is open to all accredited educational institutions and public libraries in the state of Kansas. Other community anchor institutions, research partners of existing members and state agencies are generally granted approval to join by the KANREN board of directors.

KANREN has only one class of membership, with one fee for all members, regardless of size or type.

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