Working with Us

Once You’ve Joined

Most members join KanREN to receive one or more of our services. Network service is usually the the starting point, but not always. When you join KanREN, our staff will discuss services with you, arrange meetings so that all of the right people at your institution talk to the right people here about the services we offer. Once you’ve decided what services you’d like, we formalize the service details, qualities, features, bandwidth, etc.

Turning Up Your New Services

Once you’ve selected services and features, KanREN will begin a process to prepare and turn up the new services. Most can be done in a matter of a few days, but new network connections from your location to our backbone can take as much as 90 days. We’ll stay in touch, answer your questions along the way, and make sure everything is in place to use your new services as soon as they are ready.

A Part of the Consortium

Now you’re a member and have your new KanREN services installed, it’s time to settle into the consortium. We’ll check in occasionally, make sure you know how to contact us if you have questions or issues (we’ll usually let you know if something is broken faster than you can call us — really!) You’ll hear from us about professional development opportunities, consortium events, and about participating in governance, such as voting on rates, fees and services.

About Payments

By default KanREN bills annually.  Invoices are mailed out on the second Friday preceding the start of each fiscal quarter.  Upgrades and disconnects are invoiced or refunded during the billing period following the upgrade or disconnect.  We can bill annually or monthly as well. If you have special needs, never hesitate to ask.