Member Benefits

Connecting Beyond the Connection

Since 1992, KanREN has provided unique opportunities to connect beyond physical network connectivity. Going beyond professional collaboration — KanREN members constitute some of the most forward-thinking, technically minded experts among education and community anchor institutions. Going beyond professional collaboration — the relationships enabled through our membership extend this deep pool of expertise, empower our members to accomplish things that are too challenging individually, and encourage a broader base for innovative thinking on projects that extend beyond individual experience or comfort level. Connecting with similarly situated institutions, drawing on experience of passionate professionals, and benefiting from the collective expertise from innovative, highly-respected and forward-thinking peers provides unique access for our members.


KanREN members build professional relationships, extend their professional knowledge base and get informed about policy, programs, new applications and technology trends. KanREN members can collectively advocate for national and local access to and utilization of first-class networks to support their missions.


KanREN members enjoy the benefits of collaboration: sharing expertise, best practices and resources with other peer members.

Build Community

Members actively participate in KanREN’s strategic and participate in resource allocation, technology selection and budget planning. It is through the collective expertise of our membership that KanREN is able to adopt new effective technologies that offer cost savings and efficiencies that would not be possible without a vested membership community.

Grow Professionally

KanREN regularly hosts events to support member professional growth.  Awareness webinars, in-depth training seminars, and social media updates provide a variety of ways for our members to participate and stay informed on the latest trends and technological advancements. KanREN hosts virtual discussion groups for members to network, seek assistance, and connect.  In-person events during the year provide members opportunities to discuss the latest challenges and advancements in their increasingly complex and demanding technology ecosystems.

Leverage Consortium Purchasing

KanREN offers a number of cost-savings programs for members such as pre-negotiated VMware Enterprise License pricing, network equipment contracts, member to member infrastructure and colocation environment sharing and multi-tenant virtual private cloud services.

Secure, Direct Connections

All members that subscribe to our connectivity services are able to securely connect to each other through our network. Member to member traffic stays within the KanREN network, offering privacy and security. Even greater levels of security can be achieved with our no-cost network-based VPN solutions.


KanREN has many direct connections to Kansas commercial telecommunications carriers via our Enriched Internet Services. Through this program, traffic between participating providers and KanREN stays within our networks. Traffic stays local and thus avoids the commercial Internet which drastically increases performance between students, parents and stakeholders off campus and on.

Internet Without Slow-Downs

KanREN receives upstream service from multiple high-end backbone Internet carriers from multiple, geographically diverse locations on our backbone. Our upstream service aggregate is sized to meet the maximum demand of all of our members, so there’s never a slow-down with our connectivity. We also employ multiple Content Delivery Network caches to speed everything from operating system updates to live sporting events and even Netflix streaming video.

Exclusive Access to US UCAN/Internet2

As a recognized R&E network, KanREN is the sole organization in Kansas who can provide direct access to Internet2.  KanREN provides access to all US UCAN/Internet2 connectivity, content and NET+ service offerings.