Rates & Fees

KanREN Service Rates & Fees for July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. These rates were approved by the KanREN membership vote.

Printable version: KanREN Fiscal Year 2018 Rates


Institutions that wish to obtain connectivity services, and/or participate in governance and consortium activities must be members of KanREN.

Membership Fee

All Members$504/year

Network Connectivity Services

KanREN is committed to transparency. Network connectivity service fees are derived from several components. Members purchase network connectivity with two different models: One for our anchor members who host and have full, direct access to the KanREN Backbone. A second for members with standard connections through an access circuit or fiber from their location to our backbone.

Connectivity requires an item from each category (Connection, Infrastructure, Network Support, Internet2/US UCAN and Internet/Network use). For Backbone Colocation members, Dedicated Research Support is only applicable to research institutions where KanREN has a direct service relationship with the organization’s research community. Burst rates are only applied when a member exceeds their CIR for two consecutive quarters.

Backbone Colocation Connections

ConnectionIndividual Case Basis
Infrastructure Individual Case Basis
Network Support
Single/Primary Node$15,000/year
Secondary Node$3,750/year
Internet2/US UCAN
Internet2 Institutional members$75,000/year
US UCAN Participation$7,500/year
Dedicated Research Support$9,996/year
Internet Committed Information Rate (CIR)
1,000Mbps +$4.42/Mbps/mo
2,000Mbps +$4.16/Mbps/mo
3,500Mbps +$3.90/Mbps/mo
5,000Mbps +$3.64/Mbps/mo
6,500Mbps +$3.38/Mbps/mo
8,000Mbps +$3.12/Mbps/mo
10,000Mbps +$2.86/Mbps/mo
Burst Information Rate (BIR)CIR Rate + 20%

Standard Member Connections

ConnectionIndividual Case Basis
No Site Equipment$142/mo
Up to 500Mbps$167/mo
Up to 1Gbps$250/mo
Up to 10Gbps$458/mo
Network Support
7-7 M-F$125/mo
24 Hr Passive$250/mo
24 Hr Active$417/mo
Additional Locations (discounted)Contact KanREN
US UCAN Participation$63/mo
Network Use Committed Information Rate (CIR)
Less than 150Mbps$6.70/Mbps/mo
150Mbps +$6.44/Mbps/mo
500Mbps +$6.18/Mbps/mo
1000Mbps +$5.92/Mbps/mo
2000Mbps +$5.66/Mbps/mo
3500Mbps +$5.40/Mbps/mo
5000Mbps +Contact KanREN
Network Use Burst Information Rate (BIR)CIR Rate + 20%

Network Protection Services

For Members with KanREN’s network connectivity services, network security services are also available. These services range from basic, through comprehensive. Other configurations may be possible, contact KanREN if you need something that is not listed.

Denial of Service Attack Mitigation Services

BHR and ACL-based DoS/DDoS attack mitigation$0 (included)
Standard volumetric cloud-based DDoS attack scrubbing$0 (included)

Member Network Protection Services

Stateful Firewall$165/mo
Vulnerability Scanning$40/mo
Network-Based Anti-Virus up to (85Mbps)*$37/mo
Network-Based Anti-Virus up to (300Mbps)*$105/mo
CIPA Compliant Web Filter (up to 300Mbps)**$102/mo
CIPA Complaint Web Filter (up to 1Gbps)**$170/mo
Blackhole DNS$28/mo
IDS/IDP (up to 200Mbps)*$117/mo
IDS/IDP (up to 600Mbps)*$225/mo
*Firewall service Required
**Firewall and Blackhole DNS Required

SSL-Based VPN Services

Site-to-Site VPNs (basic firewall required):$0 (included)
On-demand for end-users and mobile devices:Individual Case Basis

Some services are dependent upon the existing network infrastructure deployed at a member location and certain service levels may impact the network infrastructure rate. Additionally, some capacities are additive, for example all services cannot be run simultaneously at the maximum listed speed (i.e. anti-virus cannot be operating at 300Mbps and IDS/IDP at 600Mbps). KanREN advises members using multiple rate-capped services or higher speed levels to contact KanREN for an individual assessment.

Cloud Networking Services

Specifically available for members with multiple campuses or attendance centers connected via the KanREN network. Cloud networking allows KanREN members to maintain all of their locations in a single administrative domain, but eliminate backhaul costs over expensive access circuits to a “main location” by creating a virtual upstream connection in the KanREN Cloud.

Cloud-Based NetworkingIndividual case basis

NET+ Services

The Storm Cellar

KanREN’s near-real-time cloud based storage solution is available in 200GB increments and can be accessed with NFS, SMB/CIFS, AFP or iSCSI. The StormCellar is hosted on the KanREN private network.

StormCellar – File-Based$0.10/GB/mo
StormCellar – Block-Based$0.10/GB/mo

Virtual Machines

KanREN virtual machines are hosted on KanREN’s VMware clusters in Kansas City and Wichita. Custom configurations may be available on an individual basis if sufficient resources exist.

Small (1VCPU, 1GB, VRAM, 40GB storage):$350 one-time$25/mo
Medium (1VCPU, 2GB VRAM, 80GB storage):$500 one-time$45/mo
Large (2VCPU, 4GB VRAM, 160GB storage):$800 one-time$90/mo
Additional Storage (per 40GB):$8.50/mo

E-mail Scrubbing

KanREN e-mail scrubbing is hosted on the KanREN backbone network for maximum protection and efficiency. Prices are per-year. The additional mailbox count (above 300) may be increased at any time, but may only be reduced at the fiscal year boundary (July 1). Prices are based on a single domain. Contact KanREN for information about multiple domains.

Up to 300 Mailboxes$50/mo
Per Mailbox over 300$0.16/mailbox/mo
Per Mailbox over 1000Individual Case Basis

Zoom Videoconferencing

KanREN manages state-wide licensing for Zoom videoconferencing, and supplies direct support for Zoom services. Services are hosted in the Zoom could, but have enhanced quality and reliability with KanREN network connectivity.

Member Institutions
Large (2500 Pro Account)$495/mo$596/mo
Mid-High (1250 Pro Accounts)$334/mo$433/mo
Mid-Low (625 Pro Accounts)$250/mo$325/mo
Small (325 Pro Accounts)$167/mo$217/mo
Extra Small (150 Pro Accounts)$84/mo$109/mo
XX-Small (75 Pro Accounts)$42/mo$55/mo
Member Consortiums
Large (325 Pro Accounts)$750/mo
Medium (150 Pro Accounts)$542/mo
Small (75 Pro Accounts)$334/mo
A La Carte Additional Services
CRC Port$21/mo
Large Meeting$9/mo

Professional Services

ServiceMember RateNon-Member Rate
Engineering/Design Consulting$100/hr$200/hr
Connectivity/Performance Troubleshooting (Business hours)$75/hr$125/hr
Connectivity/Performance Troubleshooting (After hours)$125/hr$200/hr

For additional information on any of the service offerings, or to discuss which service best fits your organization please contact KanREN at info@kanren.net or by phone at 785-856-9800.