Member Resources

Member Handbook and Bylaws

Members should be familiar with our Member Handbook (effective March 18, 2020) and Bylaws. These documents contains background information about KANREN, including our history, governance, approach to providing services, escalations paths, etc. They are also great to have handy when talking to other institutions about KANREN.

KANREN Network Access Policy

Effective July 28, 2009

The KANREN network connection provided to a connected member institution is intended for use by individuals associated with that institution. It is intended that the access afforded by the KANREN connection be deployed only to host devices resident within the member institution enterprise network. All KANREN access must be in accordance with the published KANREN acceptable use policy and any acceptable use policy promulgated by upstream Internet access providers employed by KANREN.

Providing KANREN service to other organizations not subsidiary to the KANREN member institution is prohibited without express permission, in writing, from KANREN, Inc. Furthermore, subsidiary or non-subsidiary entities are not entitled to direct support from KANREN – all support must be obtained through the member’s internal IT organization. For the purposes of this policy, a secure VPN tunnel from a remote location or workstation is considered part of the member enterprise, as long as local member policy also considers it as same.

Multiple, individual insitutions eligible for individual KANREN membership may not combine as a single entity for the sole purpose of “sharing” KANREN network access.

All KANREN members accessing the KANREN network must ensure that all access to the network, through their connection, adheres the KANREN acceptable use policy.

KANREN reserves the right to restrict, prevent or otherwise control network access from member sites not in compliance with this policy.

KANREN Network Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use
  • All network use by KANREN members and their constituencies shall be in support of education, research, state or local governments, the federal government, or to provide information to the citizens of Kansas.
  • Any network traffic that originates in KANREN and moves to other networks must conform with the acceptable use policies of those subsequent networks.
  • For-profit entities may use the network if their use falls within these guidelines.
Unacceptable Use
  • The network must not be used to violate any state or federal law.
  • The network must not be used to harass or violate the privacy of others.
  • The network must not be used to gain access to or use resources for which one does not have authorization.
  • The network must not be used to disrupt the work and/or use of the network by others.

All member institutions will make a reasonable effort to enforce this policy.