• Since becoming a member of KanREN in February of 2015, the entire BTBC community has benefited from its high speed, low latency fiber connectivity and guaranteed reliability that cannot be offered by local service providers. In addition, KanREN has provided a superior level of support, knowledge, and guidance regarding not only our short term Internet and IT needs, but also our future IT needs and operational growth strategy as we develop an innovation park at the University of Kansas.

    Mike Smithyman
    Director of Operations, Bioscience & Technology Business Center
  • The Kan-ed program at the Kansas Board of Regents has used KanREN for over 10 years. During that time, KanREN has provided multi-faceted support for both versions of the former Kan-ed network and its video services for distance learning. The staff has always been top notch and both innovative and practical in their support. When a network problem would occur, they were always quick to resolve it. The depth of statistical data they provided on network performance was very beneficial.

    I encourage any organization that qualifies to be a member and use their services to seriously consider obtaining their services. They provide an outstanding value.

    Jerry Huff
    Kan-ed Director, Kansas Board of Regents
  • I have had the opportunity to work with KanREN for the past 14 years. They have been an excellent resource for our district, in regards to planning, upgrading and effectively using the resources that we have. Communication is second to none and KanREN has a very professional, qualified staff. They are extremely dependable and have provided us with outstanding support.

    Kevin Brokaw
    Technology Coordinator, Silver Lake USD #372
  • KanREN has been great to work with. We have received excellent support since our involvement with them and they have been very supportive and knowledgeable in our endeavors to move into the ZOOM desktop video environment for K-12 videoconferencing instruction. The services they provide are invaluable to the continued expansion of K-12 instruction. Without those resources in networking and video support it would be difficult to proceed in the direction we are taking in the instructional environment.

    John Stephens
    IDL Network Administrator and Technical Support, Southeast Kansas Education Service Center at Greenbush
  • KanREN is hands-down the best Internet service provider we have worked with: they have a service-driven mindset across the organization. From highly responsive client communication/alerting practices and internal network awareness, to external network transparency tools and troubleshooting assistance, to knowledge-transfer workshops, and other application offerings (like the Zoom web-conferencing platform): everything KanREN delivers is well-done and reliable. We have continued to watch as they expand their service to new areas because wherever we can cutover to KanREN services, we certainly will. They understand the needs of higher education networks and actively work to meet these needs. From our vantage point, it is a pleasure to work with the whole KanREN team.

    Josh Berry
    Director of Information Technology, Highland Community College
  • The KanREN consortium is so much more than an ISP. Together the KanREN membership provides services and support far beyond what any of us could accomplish individually (especially for us smaller members), from better-than-carrier grade networking, to access to top-tier national and global networks and services (like Internet2), to the staff providing the best service / support of any partner we have. They are far from just another vendor, but are part of our team and we are part of the larger KanREN team, collectively improving services available across the state.

    Russ Neufeld
    Information Technology Director, Hesston College
  • We've had nothing but stellar performance and support from KanREN since its inception. From rapidly thwarting DoS attacks against its customers, to contacting us (often in less than a minute) any time they see an issue on our side; KanREN has always been an "exceeds expectations" partner in our book.

    We're so excited to learn of KanREN's initiative to revolutionize their overall network design in the coming months. When it's complete, KanREN will provide PSU with a level of survivability, redundancy, and geographically diverse routing that will surpass what most carriers can offer in major metropolitan markets... and we're in Pittsburg Kansas! We look forward to a continued partnership with KanREN in the years to come.

    Timothy Pearson
    Assistant Directord, Office of Information Services, Pittsburg State University
  • KanREN has changed our view of what internet connectivity should provide. Prior to Joining KanREN; our perception of what we could and should be doing with our technological resources was severely limited due to reliability and performance issues with our internet connectivity. Our past experiences necessitated blocking all streaming media, being unable to provide any type of video conferencing, throttling users bandwidth to allow only basic web services, and preemptively disallowing any cloud based solutions to any organizational need. Since Joining KanREN; I am amazed at some of the uses our organization has found for our new, seemingly limitless, internet connectivity. We have found video conferencing solutions, users have discovered many incredible training opportunities, we have been able to find much more efficient and reliable solutions to our business needs, and we are able to offer several new online services to Lawrence Citizens. KanREN has been a key that unlocks IT potential every day for our organization.

    John Williams
    Technical Services Manager, City of Lawrence, KS
  • This is a remarkable collaboration to keep the state of Kansas at the forefront of research. With this network, we are not only meeting the increasing demands of today, but accommodating and planning for the needs and innovations

    of tomorrow.

    Ken Stafford
    Vice Provost for Information Technology, Kansas State University
  • The KanREN backbone has enabled the University of Kansas School of Medicine - Salina Campus to economically obtain high speed connectivity to Kansas City and Wichita for daily lectures, as well as providing other voice, data and video capabilities. Since dropping our T1 connections four years ago, we have enjoyed trouble-free, dependable service from KanREN. Dependability, at the 99.9% level, is an absolute necessity for the educational needs of the next generation of physicians for rural Kansas being trained in Salina.

    Michael Kollhoff
    Medical Instruction Specialist, KU School of Medicine - Salina
  • When the old Kan-Ed network was dismantled, we switched to using KanREN as our internet provider, and we're very glad we did. We have had excellent support and network performance. We are kept well-informed about any network issues coming up, and if we have a power outage, the KanREN staff notices we are down and calls us to check on the situation and see if there is anything they can do for us. When we upgraded our switches and wireless system, we got some substantial, excellent free consulting to help us learn how to set things up right.

    We like the fact that we are on network dedicated to education, and that certain traffic, such as video conferencing with other KanREN schools is dedicated traffic. We are very pleased to be part of the KanREN network and not with a commercial provider.

    Jack Krebs
    Senior Technology Director, Oskaloosa Public Schools USD #341
  • KanREN has been our network provider for the since 2010. Their attention to customer service and network support is excellent. Our district operates with a single technology director so having the expertise and help from KanREN as we deal with network and configuration issues is of great value. KanREN works with and understands educational technology issues. Their dedication to supporting educational entities makes it easy to recommend KanREN to any local school district looking to upgrade their network access and support.

    John Rundle
    Superintendent, Royal Valley USD #337
  • We at K-State University (and GpENI) would like to thank KanREN for their support of network research. In particular, we appreciate your efforts in facilitating L2 connectivity to I2. This connection allows us to interface with the network community and conduct much needed networking research. For example, we are currently involved in an experiment with Stanford, Georgia Tech, BBN, and Rutgers, which will be one of the highlights of the meta-scale deployment of GENI (a global scale research facility) in Washington, DC. This and other opportunities would not be possible without your assistance, and for this reason, we thank you.

    Don Gruenbacher
    Department Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering Kansas State University