Cloud Services

KANREN’s StormCellar

KANREN’s StormCellar storage service is designed and deployed to meet the needs of small to medium sized universities, colleges, schools and libraries – particularly for those with a need to keep their data safe, but still within the state.

StormCellar Access

KANREN’s StormCellar storage service is co-located with our backbone network. Members may stream data on and off of the storage system using any of the supported protocols (NFS, SMB/CIFS, AFP, iSCSI). Service is provided for a simple monthly fee, without additional charges for moving data into or out of our cloud.

KANREN StormCellar storage is intended for institution level deployment; we cannot provision for individual students, faculty or staff. We do not charge for or limit the access to the service, but we expect the consortium to respect I/O resources are limited and work together to minimize contentions.

Each institutional account automatically allows access via your favorite transmission protocol. File level access even supports multiple protocols.

Data Integrity

KANREN’s members have emphasized data integrity over availability and that was considered when designing the StormCellar storage service.

While we believe that KANREN’s StormCellar provides reliability and availability; integrity will always be a higher priority in case of emergency.

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KANREN Compute

Virtual Machines

KANREN’s virtual machine service delivers solid performance with comparable pricing.  KANREN virtual machines are hosted within the KANREN network, ensuring the best practices performance when accessing  your site anywhere in the world.

KANREN’s virtual machines are offered in three different tiers to meet varying member needs, and service may be upgraded at any time. Contact us for pricing and specifications.

Doing what others cannot

KANREN compute doesn’t compete with other cloud offerings — it complements them and does things they do not. Our virtual machines are most successful when leveraged with our network. They are fantastic for use in DR scenarios, front-ends for off-site backup (using our StormCellar storage) or other scenarios where “on-network” compute makes sense.

Because KANREN is the network provider for your institution and our own VM services, a number of paradigms can be achieved that simply cannot happen with other cloud-hosted options. And, like all KANREN services, IPv4 addresses, IPv6 connectivity, etc. are all baked right in.

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Cloud Networking

Virtualized Networks

KANREN Cloud Networking services are customized on a per-use basis to meet exactly member needs. KANREN can host elements of member networks within our cloud.

How it works

Members with access-circuit bandwidth constraints, or multiple locations are the most likely candidates. By moving the network border into the KANREN cloud, members can avoid moving data over costly access-circuits multiple times. Security policies can be applied to traffic before it traverses access-circuits to end locations, thus saving precious bandwidth for legitimate traffic.

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Convenience Services

KANREN offers other convenience cloud-services as well, including e-mail scrubbing, web hosting, DNS hosting etc. Some of these services are available at no charge, and many are offered as a convenience service for our members who have modest needs for particular services. If you have a basic, convenience service need, please contact us about it, we’re here to help whenever we can.