Network Services

Far beyond your standard connection

KANREN maintains a state-of-the-art network backbone throughout the state. Backbone points of presence are located at the public universities, and key locations in Kansas City. Members access our network through their own resources, or KANREN managed services.

KANREN’s network offers Internet service, direct connections to other KANREN members, R&E specific network resources, security, content delivery networks, cloud services, video conferencing and professional services.

Internet service is only a part of the picture.

Obsessed with quality connections

KANREN focuses on highly reliable and predictable connectivity. Our role, in collaboration with Kansas’s research universities (including research into networking), puts KANREN in a whole different dimension than commercial providers.

We place the utmost emphasis on all parameters to create stellar service, not just a bandwidth number. Our network is closely monitored, highly instrumented. All performance data available to our members.

Quality vs. quantity

There are a lot of factors that go into the the end-user experience that begins with the professional service our members deserve. We focus on ensuring your connectivity needs are met, and there’s a lot more to that than just a number with bits per second behind it. (See our testimonials.)

KANREN brings both the quantity and the quality, with experience that pre-dates the dawn of the commercial Internet.

Network tools at a glance
5-Minute Graph Reports

An industry standard that we use for every interface on the network. These are great for monitoring billed usage, as they include automatic 95th percentile calculations, and are very forgiving of peak and bursting data.

10-Second Network Graphs

Our 10-second graph reports of all critical parts of the network are unprecedented in the industry. This data shows utilization and traffic trends 30 times faster and with 30 times the resolution of industry standard 5-minute graphs. These graphs are great for troubleshooting.

Real-Time Weather Map

This “overview” level system shows the entire backbone and current usage on every link in one, easy to read format. The weather map is updated every 15 seconds for a nearly instantaneous view of network traffic.

perfSONAR Toolkit

Developed by the US Department of Energy, the perfSONAR toolkit is the de-facto tool for instrumenting networks to find performance problems before users notice them, and for tuning networks for high-performance.