Security Services

Expertise to secure our members

Budgets are shrinking while security threats are growing. KANREN’s suite of Managed Security and Content Services are designed to address both problems by delivering sustainable, predictable costs for dealing with threats from outside and within your border. The suite of services leverages KANREN’s decades of technical expertise so you can focus on more important goals.

The bad guys don’t take a day off and neither do we!

Your policy, expertly implemented

KANREN’s Managed Security Service is built with the member organization’s needs in mind. We know that each organization is different with its own challenges and policies.

KANREN’s staff take time to understand your needs and implement them using industry best practices. You won’t be treated like a number. You won’t just get a boilerplate configuration. You’ll get a solution made just for you.

If you’d like an extra set of eyes or suggestions for policy updates, KANREN’s trained staff is happy to help at no additional cost!

Key components

KANREN’s Managed Security Services leverage multiple layers while keeping costs controlled. For services in the cloud, KANREN can leverage multiple commercial and F/OSS platforms to further maintain a reasonable cost model.

24×7 monitoring

All of KANREN’s Managed Security and Content Services are monitored 24×7, 365 days a year by our team of professionals. As new threats trend, the KANREN Network Operations Center monitors impact. We communicate with your security contacts or take immediate action (if pre-approved). As always, our members are in complete control of incident mitigation.