Video Conferencing

Next Generation Video Conferencing

Organizations statewide are under pressure to cut costs, share resources, and collaborate with peers. KanREN’s Desktop and Mobile Video Conferencing Service offers a unique, easy to use, secure, and cost effective solution to these challenges. Powered by a technology partnership with Zoom, the service offers ubiquitous service across Windows, OSX, Android, and iOS devices. In addition, legacy h.323 systems can communicate with the service at no additional cost. And as with all KanREN services world-class technical support is included.

Innovation for Everyone, Scale for Any Need


Users and guests may connect via Windows or OSX clients on the desktop and Android or iOS clients on mobile platforms, with more client options coming soon.

The service fits perfectly into a broad set of use cases. Imagine staff meetings without the conference room. Or lectures without leaving home. Empower students and professions alike with virtual office hours. Thanks to powerful encryption the service also enables remote doctor consultations. Virtually any event that calls for people to gather could be replaced with KanREN’s Scalable Desktop and Mobile Conferencing Service.

No longer are users forced to huddle into a small room, trying to fit into a single camera viewing window. ALL users can login and consume HD video and audio in a personal experience unique to the desktop and mobile video revolution.

Secure Communications for ALL Users

EncryptionWhether on-net or hosted in the cloud all communication Zoom servers and clients is secured using strong, industry standard AES128 bit encryption by default. This level encryption provides significant, strong security for your data. Whether its a weekly meeting, an online class, or remote patient consultation Zoom technology provides security for all use cases, including licenses requiring multi-layer security with AES-256 end-to-end encryption for HIPAA compliance.