February 2018: Security On A Shoestring Hybrid Course

KanREN will be hosting a two-session hybrid course targeted to help small to medium-sized organizations with implementing a security program with little to no security budget.    While larger organizations are able to purchase necessary equipment and hire staff dedicated to security, small and medium-sized organizations are not able to keep up.  With more demands on limited budgets and as prices for security products and services continue to skyrocket, the challenge is tougher than ever. Hackers know this and have redirected their efforts in hopes of pulling off the next large-scale breach.

There are plenty of low-cost, no-cost solutions available to organizations that have slim budgets.  In this session, you will learn how to implement these cost effective solutions within your organization.

This hybrid course will launch via an online session on Friday, Feb 16 (9a-11a via Zoom Conferencing)  followed by an in-person hands-on day on Tuesday, Feb. 27 at the KanREN Office.   The online session will focus on policy frameworks and risk management considerations that will guide your approach to implementing open source security tools, information sharing and threat intelligence resources which we pursuit during the hands-on day on Tuesday, Feb 27.  Jason Brown, Chief Information Security Officer with our partner, Merit Network in Michigan will facilitate this course to help you improve your organization’s security posture.

WHEN:  Fri. Feb 16 9am to 11am (online) AND Tues. Feb 27 8:30am to 5:00pm (in-person at KanREN, 2029 Becker Dr, Lawrence, KS)
COST:    $250/member     $350/non-member

Register to join us on Eventbrite here!