VMWare NSX Webinar: Harness the Power of Micro-segmentation (archived from Oct 24, 2017 webinar)

Link to this video archive from Oct 24, 2017  webinar on how to harness the power of micro-segmentation to create a more secure network.  
Presented in partnership with VMWare, Carahsoft and The Quilt (a national coalition of 36 Research & Education Networks from across the country).

We all understand the difficulty that comes with managing networks that span to multiple environments and allow access to multiple client types.

While perimeter security is important, institutions are dealing with zero day attacks that firewalls and perimeter security cannot prevent. VMware’s NSX allows administrators to create more secure environments by logical division, defining security controls for each unique segment and preventing an attacker’s ability to move laterally.

Attendees will learn how VMWare NSX:

  1. Recognizes the need for network virtualization in the software defined data center (sddc)
  2. Allows for better integration into economies of scale.
  3. Provides in-kernel firewall and security service.

This webinar also provides KanREN Members information on how to leverage the QUILT Consortium Purchasing contract for VMWare purchases–software, support, training, and professional services.
Additional information on the Quilt Consortium VMWare Purchasing contract is available here.